Silver’s faith in Flint’s conviction is palpable in this scene like Silver can simply stare across the deck of that ship and transfer every ounce of his strength and his hope to Flint because Flint needs it to survive because Silver needs it to survive place an ocean between them and you will still fail to disentangle them [via @thefuckingwarship]

#‘you cannot decide to follow a man like that and then pick and choose when you deny him’ #SILVER IS ALL IN #HE IS /ALL/ IN #how terrifying it must be to put all your eggs in one basket like this #to let someone else hold the cards #I was about to say ‘he would literally follow flint into a fucking storm’ and then I remembered HE DID #‘that man has a goddamn answer for everything’ #to the casual observer that line might almost read as unkind #‘the captain thinks he’s so0o0oo0o fucking smart ugh’ #BUT THAT’S NOT IT AT ALL #it’s just…I don’t want to say veneration…but it /is/ #‘he’s done it before and he’ll do it again. don’t believe me? WATCH HIM.’ #silver is the one who built the ‘flint is god’ narrative with his own two hands #he knows that captain james flint – all-seeing and all-knowing – is just a character because /HE/ told the tales!!! #so he should /know/…he should know right #and yet sometimes you have to wonder if he hasn’t wrapped himself up in it along with the rest of them #if at certain times he hasn’t also let himself /believe/ #if occasionally he finds even himself forgetting that flint is human #(but no worries bc then of course he sees flint looking like a dork with his sleeves five inches too long and he remembers) #silver: [watching flint eat his shark like a five-year-old] this…is the man I follow…[sighing] where did I go wrong :’) [via @candlewinds]

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