#👀#when you’re trying to talk to the bab about Feelings™ but he’s an emotionally constipated asshole 😥#I love that in the last one you can SEE it in silver’s eyes!!!!#the ‘where are you?’ question is THERE but he can’t ask it yet#because there’s still the betrayal between them and it’s too tense and flint is closed off entirely and it’s all wrong#he needs to give flint something first#and he does with his confession on the boat#and then everything changes EVERYTHING CHANGES and flint just cuts open his chest and says#‘here is my heart. you can touch it now. I won’t hide it now.’#what the /fuck/ how do they develop so much in ONE SEASON#WHAT THE FUCK#look at them here#the walls between them#and they go from THIS to sitting alone together by that fire as flint hands over everything willingly#*sings* when will I be over it?! *strums guitar* nEVERRRRRR (tags @candlewinds)

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