Alright, so… here goes. 

I first want to say I don’t particularly enjoy making this post, but I do feel that at this point I have to–especially after seeing someone reblog a gifset with the word “fag” under it.

Tumblr user mrslukearnold has a bit of a history of saying weird and insulting things, and I personally do not condone these things and I want to show you all what I mean by “these things” because I think no one in this fandom should. We’re all a happy loving family and having someone like this among our ranks… no, thanks?

Basically this post includes screencaps of a private conversation I had with her (one bit misses, I think, but I can’t find it). There’s also a compilation of comments she has left on other peoples’ gifsets etc. and the last in that list was directed towards the rock star fic. She also has a continuous habit of calling him f*g or a variation thereof – this is just a small sampling.

I have also included her Twitter (easily findable if you google the username; she goes by the same username on YouTube as well), as it clearly shows that Luke has blocked her before. There are comments by her left on the Scrambled Studios youtube channel as well, which all speak in the same disillusioned and harassing way and she has mentioned being blocked from Instagram as well. There are repeated mentions of her being Luke’s apparent wife as well and she has an array of nicknames for him, as well as a different birthday and rants as to her being upset he was not born on the day she thinks he was supposed to.

In all fairness, even if this had been about someone I was not a fan of, or someone random in general, I would not have wanted to associate with this person–but I do think that as fans together, we need to not give this person attention?

Do what you will with this information, but I felt like you all probably should know at this point. Thanks.

PSA: @mistflarden has informed me that mrslukearnold blocks people who makes edits so they don’t get notifications of her abusive comments! Please, people, especially people who post edits, block her because we don’t need this kind of shit in our fandom!

Other people have come to me and told me that this person has been harassing various fandom members over the past few years, just like she has been after Luke for a while, so please be careful if you don’t block her and she does come to talk to you. She can and will say stuff that disturbs/hurts people.

(If that is not enough, she has also sent terrible messages to most of the Black Sails cast, and likes to leave strange comments on AO3 fic as well).

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