Now you have wormed your way into the heads of the men out there. And they’ve granted you authority over them because of it. But in my head, you are not welcome.

#jfc there are tears in his eyes (tags @deifysam)

#this scene bothers me so much.#and its because of silver’s eyes and how teary they look#I dont understand it and Im trying to figure out why he could’ve possibly have looked so hurt#is it because of the rejection of Flint’s words? Did he believe he was something more to him at that point? why does it hurt for him to be#not equal to flint whats causing him to look so goddamn hurt??????????? (tags @sea-sighs)

#black sails#john silver#I have two things to say#a) I’m dying#b) I feel like we often see flint as the one who is (at this stage…or rather…post-s3-finale) more emotionally attached#by now he truly has given silver SO much. has trusted him so much and really does NEED HIM.#BUT LEST WE FORGET THAT BEAUTIFUL CONVERSATION SILVER HAD WITH MAX IN EPISODE 2×07#*clears throat* I quote:#‘my greatest fear has been that in the moment [flint] decided to end the hunt for the gold’#’…any resistance I offered would be futile and I would be JUST ANOTHER TOOL THAT HE’D USED AND THEN PROMPTLY DISCARDED’#!!!!!!!!!!!!#okay so…yes…silver was very much worried about his own future…his fear was that he would be left with nothing#and we know that he was about to betray flint himself#but tell me he wasn’t GENUINELY hurt by the idea of being ‘discarded’ by flint#of only being seen as a tool despite the fact that he viewed flint in the /exact/ same way#what reason would he have to lie to max when he told her ‘when I pledged my support to captain flint I believed the trust between us’#‘to be of the strongest kind’#’we both desperately wanted the same thing…and that makes for good partners’#despite himself john ALREADY SAW THEM AS /PARTNERS/#and despite himself the thought of flint just getting rid of him and not looking back /HURT/#when flint pushes him aside…when flint doesn’t let him in…IT REALLY TRULY HURTS HIM#perhaps part of that is because getting inside people’s heads is his power and it frustrates him to no end#in these moments with flint when he just /can’t/ get past those barriers#but perhaps it’s also just because…maybe flint won’t let anyone else in but damnit…he should let john in#maybe no one else can /know/ flint but JOHN SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO KNOW HIM#they’re partners#they are /PARTNERS/#and that’s what partners do#my point is this: JOHN SILVER HATES FEELING LIKE HE’S NOT SPECIAL TO JAMES FLINT#GOODBYE!!! *blasts ‘the only exception’ by paramore* (tags @candlewinds)

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