Silverflint in 2×01 – “Brace yourself, but I’m the only person within a hundred miles of here who doesn’t want to see you dead.

#THIS EPISODE IS SUCH A BLESSING#what a GOLDMINE >:)#the writers: [scratching beards] ‘how about if in the episode in which we introduce flint’s old lover…’#‘we send flint and silver off to have an adventure on a SHIP!!! and show them being partners!!! SAVING ONE ANOTHER!!! shenanigans!!!’#me: oKAY ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)#also I have a thing to say and that thing is that the ending of this episode EXCITES ME /SO/ MUCH#silver telling flint he /knows/ that flint is going to try to regain his captaincy#and that he /also/ knows that flint will need his help to do it#while the credits music (which is /incredible/ by the way) slowly builds in the background#and he says ‘tell me I’m wrong’ with that smirk and flint glances over at the camera like ‘damn…the kid’s got me…THAT’S THE PLAN’#this magnificent look of just…’THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO COME’#!!!!!!!!!#and then FADE TO BLACK and the music dramatically kicks in louder than before#SUCH!!!! 👏🏼 GOOD!!!! 👏🏼 SHIT!!!!! 👏🏼#bury me with this episode (read: this whole season) bye @candlewinds

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