“Silver finds himself with the dubious honor of being the one person who understands Flint.”

Co-Creator/Executive Producer Robert Levine

#I’m…tearing up over this #wHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!? #‘and I understand the burden of playing the role you currently play’ #‘must be taking a toll even you cannot fully comprehend’ #tHERE ARE SO MANY LEVELS TO THAT #MY BRAIN AND HEART ARE GOING TO SIMULTANEOUSLY EXPLODE #first of all…silver is the only (now) living soul who even grasps #that what flint is doing is playing a role/performing in the first place #and then he goes on to say!!!! #that he UNDERSTANDS that it’s hurting flint in a way that NOT EVEN FLINT CAN SEE #like…flint is drowning at the beginning of season three #he is /DROWNING/ #honest to god being buried alive by his pain and his guilt…is /so/ isolated and so alone #really truly feels like he’s ready to just end it all #and he’s INTERNALIZED all of it #at this point he hasn’t even told silver /anything/ #and still john is like ‘listen to me. I can literally /SEE/ that you’re dying. you’ve told me nothing but I /KNOW/.’ #’you yourself cannot even comprehend the extent to which you are killing yourself over this but I’m looking at you james flint’ #’and I can /SEE/ you. I see you. I see you. I see you.’ #he is so perceptive #and that’s one of his talents and he really can perceive anyone quite well #but with flint it’s not only that…it’s that his fascination has driven him to a point where his gift of perception meets /dedication/ #when he says ‘I’m clearheaded billy. I see /HIM/’ and the emphasis is on the ‘HIM’ it’s just like…john silver’s vision of the world #has begun to collapse and gather all at this one single point…and it’s flint #I’m going to throw myself into the ocean :“) [via @candlewinds]

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