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This is from the angst shit I can’t let go and still don’t if I’m going to post, but I keep picking at it one sentence restructuring at a time…

Wisps of the dream curl around him like smoke. He leans heavily against the table, bent over with his hands planted firmly on the wooden surface, his eyes staring sightlessly ahead. When he closes them again, he sees James, as he always appears to John of late, his body riddled with bullets, broken and bloody, his hands shackled, his eyes staring accusingly just before they go lifeless. John shakes the imagine off as he stands back up. He hopes that this time his screams haven’t woken half the camp, or rather that they hadn’t woken one person in particular. Those hopes are dashed minutes later when Madi enters quietly, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, her heavily pregnant belly sticking out through the gap in the fabric.

“You’re dreaming of him again.”

John can only nod, his jaw clenched, his throat still too tight for words. He hears her sigh as she moves closer to him. “Why won’t you go to him? You know where he is. He wouldn’t turn you away.” Her voice is soft and soothing, gentle in a way that he doesn’t deserve. Part of him wishes he could go back. Back to before he realized what James meant to him. Back to before he’d betrayed her trust. Back to before he thought he’d be able to live without James. Back to before he had lost everything that meant something to him

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1) How many works do you currently have in progress? 

Geez, somewhere between four and six: I have my 45K canon-ish OT3 that I started in Feb, and is being edited. Ummm, the Assvirgin!flint fic which is mostly done with a missing scene or two, Third installment of the Miranda/James/John sexyfuntimes, The James is married to Thomas and teaches a graduate level history of cinematography at Tisch and John is his student modern OT3, President!Silver and one that is finished that I’m hesitating to post because it’s all angst and I just don’t know about  it.

2) Do you/would you write fan fiction?

That’s all I write

3) Do you prefer paper books or ebooks? 

Paper. I love the feel and the smell of books. I like holding them and touching the pages. I like being able to spread out or curl up a book. I just really love books. I can spend hours in a library or book store, to the point where my husband will find a chair and go to sleep. LOL

4) When did you start writing?

So this is kind of a meh answer, but I don’t really consider myself a writer. Not in the way some of the other people in this fandom are writers. I just kind of hack at it. I try to put down what I want to see, try to make it go from my brain to paper in a way that doesn’t suck. I don’t have dreams of writing a novel or doing this for a living. I guess I just kind of decided I wanted to see more porn. *shrug*

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?

Well, I guess all of you. LOL @thewalruscaptain does all my editing because she’s great and she kicks my ass, when it needs to be kicked, which is frequently. And sometimes I have the weirdest fucking sentence structure I’ve ever seen. Her red pen gets a work out. I also tend to bounce snippets off of @ellelan most of which she refuses to read at work, I just can’t understand why *wink* HAHA

6) Where is your favorite place to write

Work. I know it seems weird but it’s true.

7) Favorite childhood book? 

To Kill A Mockingbird. It’s my favorite book of all time. Nothing will ever replace it.

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication? 

See #4. All fun, and sometimes my own misery.

9) Pen and paper or computer? 

Computer, sometimes my phone. I also own a voice recorder because I have a 45 min drive to and from work and it’s inevitable that a scene or a chunk of dialogue will come to me in the middle of rush hour traffic.

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes? 

Only if you count my lit electives in high school. Funny story though, my sophomore year Eng. Lit teacher called my mom to tell her she was concerned with my “dark poetry.” I was fourteen and having in a secret relationship with my best female friend, I had some emotions alright. LOL

11) What inspires you to write? 

Usually something just starts playing in my head. Sometimes a gif set, or a particular look of a character or a picture.

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It might be a liiiiitle over the top, BUT in my defense, John Silver does deserve that much attention paid to his delicious little body.

@crucifythenburn Trinity!!! I feel so called out by you. How DARE you bring that to my attention…That’s totally how I dressed him in the bathroom wall AU Just for that, suffer…This isn’t exactly frank n furter, but it’s something I’m kind of kicking around doing and well…it’s horribly accurate right now.

A little NSWF tricked out John below the cut *eyebrow waggles*

James comes back from his meeting with the beginnings of a stress headache pounding at his temples and tightening his neck. All he wants is a hot shower and sleep. He starts to loosen his tie just as the bathroom door opens. He glances up at John and stops dead. John is standing propped against the door frame, his right arm extended upward, the other planted on his cocked hip, one fishnet clad leg crossed in front of the other. James’s breath catches in this throat as his gaze strays to John’s feet encased in four inch fire engine red stiletto heels. They make his already perfectly toned legs look long and sleek and James feels like he’s been punched in the gut just thinking about getting between them. His cock starts to fill imagining the way the coarse nylon would feel under his hands, his mouth. He wants to sink his teeth in the soft, pale flesh that’s on display above the stockings, wants to suck marks into the delicate skin of his inner thighs, wants to trace the diamond pattern with his tongue.

Moving his eyes up over John’s stockinged legs, James nearly moans at the sight of red satin panties and a black garter belt which only serves to accentuate the slight flare of John’s narrow hips, while showing off the gently sloping curve of his waist.
James feels sweat pop up on the back of his neck as he takes in John’s
barely confined cock. James can see the outline of it perfectly, the
fabric is molded to the head and James licks his lips wanting to
lick over John’s cock through the silky material. He wonders briefly
if John would let James suck him off through the flimsy satin.

James thinks John has one of the most beautiful bodies he’s ever seen, lean and bronze and so fucking fit it makes James’s knees weak just remembering the way he feels pressed up against James. His stomach is lined with firm, dense muscle and James could spend hours running his tongue along the grooves in John’s abdomen just to feel the muscles jump and quiver under his mouth. His own stomach flips over with arousal as his eyes trace up the flat plane of John’s abdomen, taking in John’s tiny pale nipples, already starting to harden under James’s perusal. John’s hair is pinned to the top of his head, several stray strands falling out of the messy bun to frame his face and shoulders. John pushes off the door frame with a wicked smile, a red satin dressing gown flowing behind him like a cape as he starts to make his way across the room to James.

His hips sway gently as he moves, one graceful, slow step after another steals James’s breath from his lungs. The best runway supermodel walk has nothing on the way John moves, his body gliding like his feet barely touch the ground. John comes to a stop in front of him, only inches separating them, his hand coming to rest in the middle of James’s chest, his head tilting sideways and down as he looks at James through his lashes, and James is fully ensnared, “Christ, you’re stunning.”