“I’m kinda mediocre at most things, to be honest. As a teenager I tried to find something else to do because I didn’t want to follow in my father footsteps, but I couldn’t find anything I was good at. I thought “Ah shit, I’ll be an actor.”  

Soooooo are we going to spend all season watching the Penguin and The Riddler be akward and flirt. It’s kinda cute



Look who’s one of Australia’s SEXIEST PEOPLE: Alexander Skarsgård! Alex is in WHO Magazine (Australia) as their WILD BOY selection in their sexiest people issue, on stands October 27, 2016

“My mind went blank as soon as I saw him shirtless. Every girl on-set was swooning.”  –  Margot Robbie

Photographer: Carter Smith (2011); original photo/find from BeerWolf (Thank you!)

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And what pisses me off the most isn’t that this fuck head in payroll is doing this its that my boss won’t stand behind me and fight for me. Like all the shit I fix for you every fucking day and I need ONE thing from you. UGH.

So because we have several different production facilities that utilize unskilled labor we have a fairly strict handbook. But everyone knows that the office staff, which I am part of, has some leeway to some of the rules. Well that really only applies if you’re not an exempt employee which I’m not. Now I’ve been here 12 fucking years.

So they have this policy that you have to give 24 hour notice to take vacation.

Well I have a chronic fucking illness and it doesn’t schedule it’s flare ups. Earlier this month I was horribly sick. It started about 9:30 on a Sunday and lasted until Tuesday. Early Monday morning I texted my boss said I’m having a flare up. No problem I have vacation. So when I come back Wednesday my boss signs the forms no problemo. Our payroll is for everyone out of our TN office, right and lets just say they do thing VERY different there. There was a merger six years ago. Long story, anyway…

This bag of dicks who think she’s the Supreme ruler of the planet decided she’s going to put it in as unapproved vacation pay which forces an “incident” on your record. I told my boss I said this is bullshit, you and I both know that. He just shrugged his shoulders and I’m like you can fight this she is not the final say.

This fucking asshole in payroll has short paid me THREE MOTHER FUCKING TIMES in the past because she was “confused by the forms” so instead of picking up the phone and saying hey I don’t understand this and getting clarification she just three them away until I got my check a dozen was like what the fuck and she was like oh, sorry. And I haven’t said a god damn word. Now on that’s on top of the other FIVE times they’ve short paid me that was my bosses fault.

So now she’s decided that she’s going to unapprove the vacation because she can. And I’ve just fucking had it. I’m a good at my job, I’m always here. That was the first time I’d taken sick days in almost a year and I have to put up with this bullshit and he doesn’t get why I’m upset. It’s so fucking stupid and if I were salary we wouldn’t even be having this fucking conversation and that just pisses me off even more.

Sorry for the rant





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These memes only seem easy and then you actually go look for pics on your phone and freak out over how many there are. And you like need them all and want to use like a thousand for a meme. Before you know,an hour have passed lol

Right? I was sitting here like, “Damn, only 10 pictures? Fuck. No, you may not include gifs, Trin. Focus, ok. Focus!” Lol

If there was an option for more than 10 pics – we’d be here forever and I have important things to do like devour all the silverflint angst. Tho tbh if there was 50 pics,it would still be not enough lolol

You’re all in a lot of trouble when I answer this. Most of the pics on my phone are porn

Gimme all the porn! Like I’d complain lol . The only porn I have on my phone is Flint? But oh well,the rest of the porn is…well,everywhere! 😀

Omg I have full fucking scenes on my phone. I think I have 6 or 8 scenes. IDK. Plus little short 5 or 6 minute money shots lol